Two hard-living best friends and aficionados of illegal racing contests find their bond tested when one of them goes to trial for vehicular homicide.

Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2014

Haugesund Film Festival, 2014

Göteborg International Film Festival, 2014

By the director of:

ID:A, Where the Evil Hides, The Roommate

“A Copenhagen-set The Fast And The Furious style drama/thriller but with a message, Christian E Christiansen’s impressively made On The Edge is a striking film with a fine young cast and punctuated with adrenaline-high car racing sequences shot with real panache."


“The street racing scenes are excellently shot by Christiansen [...]. What also gives the film its honesty and energy are the fine performances from the three leads who exude charisma and are clearly talents to watch.”


Christian E. Christiansen
2014 | Denmark | Thriller, Drama | 99'