Sam, the child of a Dutch mother and a Moroccan father, has always lived between two worlds. He joined the Amsterdam police, but he also wants to prove something to those who maintain racist attitudes toward Moroccans. When Sam infiltrates a Moroccan drug family, he realizes that he may have found something like a real family. Eventually Sam comes to stand for a moral conflict.

Toronto International Film Festival, 2014
Discovery Section

Dubai International Film Festival, 2014

Netherlands Film Festival, 2014

From the producer of:

Heli (Cannes Best director 2013) 
The Lobster (Cannes Competition 2015)

“Taking a premise familiar from the likes of Memento, Paycheck, Dark City and others, Lourens Blok’s adaptation of Mirjam Mous’ novel is visually stunning, remarkably staged. (…)Korver turns Infiltrant into gold.”


“Infiltrant is a very refreshing film compared to most modern thrillers, with a particular focus on developping an authentic story and atmosphere.”


“Right from the start, Korver proves he is a very talented director.”


Shariff Korver
2014 | Netherlands | Thriller | 86'