The brutal death of an Albanian mob sets off an inevitable gang warfare. According to the Kanun law, an ancient code from the steep mountains of Albania, blood must be avenged in blood. A pair of detectives investigates the case but find themselves drawn into a deadly vortex nobody can escape from.

Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2011

Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival, 2011

Beaune International Thriller Film Festival, 2010

Hamburg Fantasy Film Festival, 2010

Ostend International Film Festival, 2010

Prishtina International Film Festival, 2010

Box Office hit in Belgium
4 Million US $

Based on the bestselling novel by Jef Geeraerts

“Stylish thriller, Dossier K. is a solidly made and engaging piece of entertainment“


“Verheyen keeps the action tense and fast-moving [...]. The film‘s vision of a grim, gray, violent Antwerp brings to mind the chilly efficiency of Michael Mann.”


Jan Verheyen
2009 | Belgium | Action | 120'