Over-imaginative 12 year-old Sam heads off to the woods to summer scout camp with his pack convinced he will encounter a monster...and he does.

Toronto International Film Festival, 2014
Midnight Madness

Sitges International Film Festival, 2014
Official Selection - Best Director

Austin Fantastic Film Festival, 2014

BFI London International Film Festival, 2014

Stockholm International Film Festival, 2014

“Cub will be an enjoyable ride for horror fans. Shot almost entirely outdoors, it looks quite handsome in Nicolas Karakatsanis’ widescreen lensing, and other tech/design factors are expertly turned as well.”

"The beauty of Cub is that it is a film made with real reverence and respect for horror cinema. Govaerts is clearly a filmmaker who loves scary movies, imbuing Cub with a gleefully weird, postmodern twist... A loving, gruesome homage to the dark heart of cinema."

“An impressive debut filled with memorable moments [...] a lot of fun that then slaps you with its dark and powerful message. Even those not into horror should see it for Luijten’s fantastic performance that makes you both empathise and fear.”

Jonas Govaerts
2014 | Belgium | Adventure, Horror, Thriller | 85'