Yobi is a five-tailed fox who, as all of his kind, can live a thousand years. Yobi has been living on a hill for centuries, but, one day, tracked down by a fox hunter, he is forced to go among humans. Changing his shape into a girl, he befriends with a classmate called Geum-ye. But soon, the hunter comes back to catch him... 

New York International Children’s Film Festival, 2008

BFI London International Film Festival, 2007

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2008

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2007

Sitges International Film Festival, 2008

Golden Horse International Film Festival, 2007

Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2007

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, 2008

Istanbul International Film Festival, 2008

By the director of
My Beautiful Girl Mari (Mari Iyagi)

“An exquisite example of traditional animation with some very well-made CG enhancements [... ]. Yobi is so well written and animated that you never get tired of watching her and she makes the viewer root for her from start to finish. Technically this film is a marvel and looks accomplished enough to go head-to-head with many a Ghibli.”

“The story is a delightful escapade seasoned with spiritual musings.”

Lee Sung-gang
2007 | South Korea | Adventure, Fantasy, Family | 86'