Tim, Chao and Wai are part of a narcotics squad trying to hunt down a drug king-pin known as the “Eight-faced Buddha” based in Thailand. The three committed police officers are willing to risk their lives for each other but their loyalty is put to the test when their undercover operation goes awry in a remote region of Thailand and a fierce battle breaks out with the drug lord’s private army, complete with helicopters and machine guns. 

Rome International Film Festival, 2013
World Premiere - Closing Film

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2014

New York Asian Film Festival, 2014

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, 2013

Hong Kong Film Awards, 2014
8 nominations

Box Office hit in China
39 Million US $

16 Million US $

By the director of

New Police Story

“It’s a full-on cinematic spectacle!”



“The action in The White Storm is top drawer, and ties in brilliantly with Chan’s exceptional use of space and location. From the bustling streets and dilapidated apartment buildings of Mong Kok, to the tropical wilderness of rural Thailand, Chan puts his audience right in the thick of the danger, and then lets rip with a hail of gunfire and a dozen tossed grenades.”



“This enjoyable shoot-’em-up offers a rousing vehicle for action helmer Benny Chan’s talents.”


Benny Chan
2013 | Hong Kong, China | Action | 140'