The suicides all over Japan keeps increasing, while the police seem unable to take any proper action, or find the right clues on how to stop this wave of suicides.

San Sebastian International Film Festival, 2002
Semana de Ciné Fantastico y de Terror

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2003
Jury Prize

Most Ground-Breaking Film

Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2002

Chicago International Film Festival, 2002

Leeds International Film Festival, 2003 

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, 2002

Neuchâtel International Fantasy Film Festival, 2002

Deauville Asian Film Festival, 2003

One of the first movies by cult director Sion Sono

“A pitch-black satire as well as a shocking horror film, it raises several excellent points concerning the media’s manipulation of the general population’s value system.“



“Somewhere between Heathers, Ringu, and Rocky Horror, there’s Suicide Club. [...] The film’s is a stylish, funny, and rather disturbing nightmare.”


Sion Sono
2001 | Japan | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | 90'