Policeman Don Lee often works with informants but numerous too-close calls and failed missions cause him to see the world as one betrayal after another - then he meets Guy, and is given a new chance to change his views.

Berlin International Film Festival, 2011

San Francisco International Film Festival, 2011

Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2011

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, 2011

Dallas Asian Film Festival, 2011

Udine Far East Film Festival, 2011

Hong Kong Film Awards, 2011
Best Actor

By the director of

The Viral Factor
The Sniper

Beast Cops

The Stool Pigeon offers a judicious blend of gritty morality and frisky action, topped off with strongperfs.”



The Stool Pigeon has all the visual panache that we’ve come to expect from Lam, plus some enjoyable fight and chase sequences.”



The Stool Pigeon is a down and dirty thriller about lonely abandoned souls left to fester in the city’s gutters.”


Dante Lam
2010 | Hong Kong | Action, Thriller | 113'