A mysterious pair of pink shoes found on a subway platform seems to bring a curse on the owner. A mother, who has just left her husband, finds them and ghostly apparitions and strange occurrences follow her. A decorator helps her solve the mystery and put the ghosts to rest. Or does he?

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2006

Gerardmer International Film Festival, 2006

Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2006

Inspired by Michael Powell’s

1948 classic movie

“The film creates a whole self-contained world of its own, using a small cast, often deserted locations and a script that keeps the focus tight on the action, shocks and mother-daughter-shoes triangle.”



“The Red Shoes is a promising thriller that comes through with a strong visual presence. Using interesting colors and masterful art direction, this proves to be a horror film that is most pleasing to the eyes.”


Kim Yong-Gyun
2005 | South Korea | Horror, Thriller | 103'