Lee Chung, one of King lee Cho's sons who is known for his superior martial arts skills, comes back to Joseon after his long captivity from the Qing Dynasty, only to find his home country swarmed by "Night Demons". Will Lee Cheung successfully stop the rampage of the "Night Demons" and save the country?

From the director of Confidential Assignement


13 million US $

Box office hit in South Korea the 1rst week

8 million US $

“Train to Busan gave us a compelling character-driven zombie film in a confined space, but Rampant finaly gives us the Korean epic-scale zombie film we never knew we needed.”

“The zombies in this film are suitably horrific, their body twisted and their movements warped as they seize upon their victims. It’s enough to give small children nightmares. And who knew that the sight of zombies in ancient Korean clothing was actually pretty cool?”
STAR 2 (Malaysia)

Kim Sung-hoon
2018 | South Korea | Action, Period | 136'