Forensic pathologist Kang is assigned to examine the dismembered corpse of a female murder victim: head, arms and legs are all severed from the torso and one arm is missing. Kang quickly finds out that the place the body was found is not the murder scene and furthermore not an isolated case of brutal violence but a message to the investigators. Soon all leads point to a fanatic environmentalist, Lee Sung-ho, as the primary suspect, but with his arrest the case is far from over. Kang’s daughter is kidnapped and a manipulative game begins that will drive Kang to the edge and over.

Some reviews have compared Kim Hyung-Jun’s movie to Old Boy


IMDb: 7,4 from 3 011 users

“Kim Hyoung-jun’s 2010 debut feature No Mercy is the sort of twisted revenge thriller that many casual fans associate with post-2000s Korean cinema. It has drawn many comparisons with Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy.”



“Very few movies are blessed with such good writing.”



“Some movies in this genre don’t need to hide from Hollywood. No Mercy is one of those movies. [...] The fine script and the fairly exciting lethal game between killer and investigator are quite riveting.”


Kim Hyung-jun
2009 | South Korea | Action, Crime, Thriller | 125'