In the future, technology has gotten so advanced that cyborgs have been created with their own individual specializations and consciousness. They can feel, love, and hate...but they’re also susceptible to expiration. Refusing to die off and be recycled, a band of combat cyborgs launch an attack against Neucom genetics in an attempt to prolong their lives and destroy all who get in the way.

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2004

Seattle International Film Festival, 2004

Fantasporto International Film Festival (Portugal), 2005
Best Film

Shanghai International Film Festival, 2004

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, 2003

Grand Bell Awards, 2004
Best Visual Effects

“A film with a strong personality of its own.”



“Byung-cheon Min certainly sets the right environment for such an introspective genre film, focusing not so much on reminding viewers they’re viewing a story set in the future but more on building up the doomed lives of the characters enough so that we care what happens to them. The actors’ performances are almost perfectly in step with this hushed, quiet atmosphere.”


Min Byung-cheon
2003 | South Korea | Action, Sci-Fi | 114'