A group of illegal immigrants are smuggled to South Korea inside a shipping container, but when 2 traffickers open it in the affluent Seoul suburb of Bundang, they found the immigrants lying dead covered with rashes and blood except for one man, which is apparently a carrier of a deadly strain of a H5N1 virus (a type of avian influenza or bird flu). The traffickers contained the man in a van, as one of them started to feel ill. Meanwhile, the man had escaped and swept through Bundang.

9 million US $​​

Box Office hit in South Korea
20 million US $

(higher than Man of Steel and Pacific Rim)

“A solid, blockbuster-style production.”


“The film effortlessly stages a massive epidemic with the help of impressive sets, a large number of extras and some terrific editing.”



“Breathless editing, concise plotting and clear lensing are strong assets during the set-up act and when events in the narrative take a darker turn, an appropriate sense of dread and panic takes hold.”


“Stunningly realistic scenes.”


Kim Sung-su
2013 | South Korea | Action, Disaster | 122'