After losing control of his car and crashing into a local restaurant, a man loses consciousness on the street. Later, while working on a case, the police’s anti-drug division captain, Zhang Lei, realizes that the man in the crash is drug lord Tian Ming. In order to avoid the death penalty, Tian Ming helps the police put a stop to the entire drug trafficking circuit, but just as soon as the police are ready to make a large bust, Tian Ming makes a decision that shocks everyone involved.

Rome International Film Festival, 2012

Sitges International Film Festival, 2013

Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2013

Los Angeles International Film Festival, 2013

Seattle International Film Festival, 2013

Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival, 2013

Beaune International Thriller Film Festival, 2013

Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, 2014
Best Director, Best Screenplay, Film of Merit

Hong Kong Film Awards, 2014
Best Director Nomination

By the acclaimed director of

Fulltime Killer


Box Office hit in China
23 million US $

“A Masterpiece!”


“So well-scripted and shot [...] Drug War is edge-of-your-seat.”


“Gritty, uncompromising and hugely exhilarating”

“Surveillance operations, stake-outs and undercover infiltrations succeed each other at breathless speed, taking us from luxe hotels to a drug factory presided over by two deaf-mute brothers to new-rich Chinese nightclubs with glam cabaret floorshows.”


Johnnie To
2012 | Hong Kong, China | Action, Crime | 107'