Genji and his victorious G.P.S. alliance find themselves facing down a new challenge by the students of Hosen Academy, feared by everyone as ‘The Army of Killers.’ The two schools, in fact, have a history of bad blood between them. And the simmering embers of hatred are about to flare up again, burning away any last remnants of the truce they had so rigorously observed until now.

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2010

Sitges International Film Festival, 2009

Pusan International Film Festival, 2009

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2010

Helsinki International Film Festival, 2010

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, 2009

The second episode of Takashi Miike’s series

Box Office hit in Japan
30 million US $

Based on a famous manga by 
Hiroshi Takahashi

"The velocity of the action makes for an exhilarating cinematic dance."



"Visually Crows Zero II is looking incredibly slick. [...] The fighting scenes are still a blast to behold too, with strong, intense and action-driven camera work and some tight editing to keep the adrenaline flowing."


"The group battle scenes, with hundreds of punks whaling on each other, have a scale and impact reminiscent of the gaudier clashes in Braveheart."


Takashi Miike
2009 | Japan | Action | 133'