Having just graduated from high school with no idea of what to do next, 18-year-old Yuki finds himself  suddenly cutting timber very far from his native home in a remote mountain village where cell phones don’t work, no convenience stores exist and there aren’t any young people. The work is extremely laborious and dangerous, and he soon has had enough. Looking for a way to fabricate some excuse that would allow him to escape his circumstances, Yuki instead begins to feel a kindred spirit developing between him and his mountain colleagues, though all of them are eccentric. And he gradually sees the attraction and beneficial nature of “forestry” work with its ability to look 100 years into the future.

Fantasia International Film Festival, 2014

Hawaii International Film Festival, 2014

Box office hit in Japan
11 million US $

The sequel to Takashi Miike’s cult series!

Based on a famous manga by 
Hiroshi Takahashi

"An exemplary cinematic display of brilliantly woven action drama."



"It is difficult to match Miike, but we could not have found a better successor. [...] Toyoda alleviates excessive hysteria that Miike loves and adds the right dose of courage in the series Crows."


Toshiaki Toyoda
2014 | Japan | Action | 129'