Mi-ju’s day has gone badly: her career as a musician and a teacher are stalled, a former student threatens revenge for a bad grade... That night, a ghost visits her, and everyone in her household.

Shanghai International Film Festival, 2006

Malaga International Fantastic Film Festival, 2005
Best Actress

"The actors are great, especially Seong Hyeon-a playing Mi-ju, and the directing is very slick. I actually have the soundtrack for this movie to that came with the movie and it’s pretty good. The music itself adds a lot of feeling to the movie."


"The quality of Cello is to deviate somewhat from the usual shackles to surprise its audience. [...] In some ways, Cello is actually more reminiscent of Anglo-Saxon works such as Amityville 2 or Shining."


Lee Woo-Cheol
2005 | South Korea | Horror | 94'