During his first day as an insurance agent, Jun-Oh gets a call from a woman seeking advice. She asks if insurance is paid out on suicides, and only after hanging up does he see the warning on the insurance agreement. A few days after, Jun-oh receives a request for a meeting with an unknown policy holder. When he arrives he finds a seven year-old hanging from the ceiling. Police start an investigation, but the autopsy points to suicide. Jun-oh can`t shake his suspicions that the incident was a murder. Believing that insurance, which should protect lives, cannot be seen to promote murder, he withholds payment. There is evidence of other serial murders, and a secret lying inside company records in storage. What is the true nature of the Black House?

Sitges International Film Festival, 2007

Tokyo International Film Festival, 2007

Philadelphia International Film Festival, 2008

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2008

Amsterdam International Fantastic Film Festival, 2008

Natfilm International FIlm Festival, 2008

Udine Far East Film Festival, 2008

Box Office hit in South Korea
10 million US $

Adapted from a 1997 hit Japanese novel

“Tension, intense perfs, powerful soundtrack and modern-gothic production design”

“Black House is another example of how current Korean cinema is re-energizing seemingly worn-out genres, [...] climaxing in an extended sequence [...] where the gory cruelties rival those of Miike Takashi’s notorious Audition.”

Shin Terra
2007 | South Korea | Horror, Thriller | 104'