At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, when Mongolia ruled over all the Chinese Continent, the Mongols, the Hans, and Koryo (ancient Korean) migrants were engaged in racial conflict. The son of a Koryo migrant, Jinha, and the illegitimate daughter of a Mongol general, Sullie, become true friends and eventually fall in love. However, the love and loyalty between them cannot last. When Sullie’s mother dies of a chronic disease, her merciless father Taruga takes her to Sohung with him. She promises to wait for Jinha at a pagoda in Sohung on the day of every full moon. But against their will, they become swept up in the current of these tragic times...

Montreal International Film Festival, 2001

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, 2001

Melbourne International Film Festival, 2003

Grand Bell Awards, 2001
Best Costume Design

Box Office hit in South Korea
# 2 in 2000

“Bichunmoo is a highly enjoyable film very much in the style of Hong Kong fantasy swordplay movies.” 


Kim Young-jun
2000 | South Korea | Action, Fantasy, History | 118'