Three years ago, although Hyuk and Young-chun successfully escaped from North Korea, Chul, Hyuk’s brother, was left behind with their mother in cold soil. Time have passed and unlike Young-chun who is indulging himself in extravagant tastes, Hyuk tries to earn money to find his brother Chul whom he had to leave behind. Chul, who was once the cream of North Korean society, finally made his way to South Korea and becomes a police officer. Now to him, Hyuk is an unforgivable betrayer and criminal who gets in his way, once again. On the last job to quit the scene, the police catches word of big arms shipment and places Chul to spearhead the case. Two brothers by blood now face each other in wrongful fate.

Venice International Film Festival, 2010
Special Event - World Premiere

Tokyo International Film Festival, 2010
Special Screenings

An amazing remake of one of John Woo’s best films

Produced by John Woo

Box Office hit in South Korea
10 million US $

9 million US $

“The film is beautiful to look at, and it is as solid an action thriller as anything out there.”

“A Better Tomorrow is a worthy remake that successfully captures the essence of the original without merely repeating it.”

John Woo
2010 | South Korea | Action | 124'